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Robert McFarland, died 1814, Trumbell Co., Ohio

History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties Vol. 2,

by H.Z. Williams & Bros. 1882

p. 282

(This concerns the family of Robert McFarland, from Washington Co. PA, who moved to Hartford, Trumbull Co., just north of present day Youngstown, Ohio)


Robert McFarland, the first settler in the east part of Hartford, was from the north of Ireland, and of Scotch descent. He came from Washington County, Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1803, with one son and one daughter. He built a cabin about seventy rods from the State line, and west of the present residence of his grandson, Thomas W. McFarland. In the spring of 1804 the remainder of the family followed to the new home prepared for them in the wilderness of Ohio. He only lived to see his family well established, as he died in May, 1814. Mrs. McFarland's maiden name was Martha Burnside. She lived until 1836, and died at the age of eighty-six. They were members of the Presbyterian church. Their children were Martha, Robert (who was killed by lightning in Washington county, Pennsylvania), Archibald, Jane, Margaret (who was blind and died soon after her father), John, and Polly.

The three sons all settled in the township, John remaining at the old home, Thomas settling a short distance south on the same road, and Archibald locating on lot thirty-seven, in the southwest part of the township. They all lived and died on the farms they had labored so faithfully to clear of trees and convert into fruitful fields, and these farms are each occupied by their descendants. Thomas and Archibald both served as soldiers in the War of 1812, in Colonel Hayes' regiment.

Thomas McFarland was born September 24, 1785, and died October 27, 1862, at the age of seventy-seven. He married first Martha Fell, and second Mrs. Agnes McKnight. Their children were Nathan, Robert, Smith, George, Cynthia, Thomas F., Phebe, and Amelia.

Thomas F., son of Thomas and Agnes McFarland, was born April 13, 1828, and married first, Parthenia Leslie, who died September 23, 1871; and second, Alice B. Brockway. Their children were Wright D, born February 17, 1854, and married Rosie Wallahan; Julia M., born September 17, 1855, wife of Scot Bates; Mary Florence, born July 2, 1857, died August 19, 1871; Selma A., born June 22, 1859, wife of Wright Banning; Bertha, born May 31, 1864; and Agnes Jane, born June 15, 1873.

John McFarland, youngest son of Robert and Martha McFarland, married Esther Fell. Their children were Mary, Archibald, Thomas W., Eliza, Harriet, and Lucinda. He died in 1857, at the age of sixty-five.

Thomas W. McFarland, son of John and Esther McFarland, married Olive Brockway, and resides at the old ancestral homestead of the family, where Robert McFarland first settled nearly eighty years ago. The family of McFarland includes some of the most thrifty and enterprising citizens of the township.

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