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MacFarlane Heritage Trail: Benjamin McFarland 1767-1859

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ANCESTOR: Benjamin McFarland

BIRTH: 21 December 1767 (Source: date by family member, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I have emailed him for the source of DOB and DOD). (Source:  1850 Census indicates 1767 and in Virginia.)

 EMIGRATION (1st known ancestor): Robert McFarland 1680-1750

PARENTS’ NAMES: John McFarland b. 4 February 1739 in Lancaster, Pa- d. 17 October 1803 in Buncombe, North Carolina.  Mother: Mary Kinder b. 1742 Bedford, Bedford, Virginia-d. 1820?

Spouse: Ruth Buchanan Jack m. 15 July 1788 Greene, Tennessee. 1850 US Census list she is born in Pennsylvania around 1766. She died 6 September 1853 in Russell County, from wounds received in a fall. It states on the record that her father’s last name was Jack. She, her son John (1792), grandson John (1815) died the same day 26 July from pneumonia and John (1792)’s wife, Elizabeth died 12 January 1853 from pneumonia.

CHILDREN’S NAMES: 1. Mary McFarland, 1789 (some sites list 28 April 1789 as DOB)

  1. 2. Martha (21 September 1790 Greene, Tenn.-1860 Putnam, Mo. Married Joel Triplett 27 Aug. 1809 in Adair Co., Ky.)
  2. 3. John McFarland (7 May 1792 in Greene, Tenn.-Death Living

 26 Jul 1853 in Russell, Ky. Married Elizabeth Hall 2 Feb. 1813 in Wayne Co., Ky.)

  1. 4. Sarah Matilda (12 August 1794 Jefferson City, Jefferson, Tenn.-17 December 1879 Clinton Co., Ky. Married Aaron John Beck 1 Feb 1815 in Adair Co., Ky.)
  2. 5.  Elizabeth (4 June 1800 in Tenn. -29 June 1891 in Russell Co., Ky. Married John Vaughan 15 March 1821 in Adair Co., Ky.)
  3. 6.  William (8 March 1802 in Tenn.-Death Living

 10 December 1893 in Rowena, Russell, Ky. Married 1. Candace Acree 10 Jan. 1823, 2. Mary Dogan 29 Dec. 1831, 3. Mary Polly Long 11 August 1836)

  1. 7.  David Heron (24 June 1804 in Adair Co., Ky.-Death Living

 10 May 1864 in Alexandria, Louisiana. Married Nancy Warriner 17 July 1832 in Adair Co., Ky.)

  1. 8. Annie (15 April 1806 in Adair Co., Ky-1880 she is not in the 1900 census, best guess is after 1880. Married Daniel David Cook, 10 August 1843 in Russell Co., Ky.)
  2. 9. James Madison (11 November 1808 Adair Co., Ky. – 14 March 1887 in Russell Co., Ky. Married Minerva Long 17 November 1828 in Russell Co., Ky.)

MARRIAGE (LIST ALL): Ruth Buchanan Jack on 15 July 1788 PLACE: Greene County, Tennessee.

(Source: Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-2002. Nashville, TN, USA: Tennessee State Library and Archives. Microfilm) 

Occupation: Farmer (Source: 1850; Census Place: District 2, Russell, Kentucky; Roll: M432_217; Page: 249B; Image: 627 line 28)

DATE OF DEATH: 1859 (our late Aunt, Mary McFarland Polston, told us stories past down from her father, James Madison McFarland (1867-1943) mentioned he died in the fall of 1859, which gives credence to the September, 1859 date. No record is available at the Russell County Courthouse, as those records burned in a fire. When the graves were relocated from Wheat Cemetery, Rowena, Russell, Ky. to Jamestown Cemetery, Jamestown, Russell, Ky. No stones were taken with the graves and no data was recorded in the relocation document. PLACE: Rowena, Russell, Kentucky

BURIAL: No records exist for 1859 in the county. He was buried in the Wheat Cemetery along with Ruth. With the creation of Wolf Creek Dam in 1949, many cemeteries had to be relocated. Benjamin and Ruth were reinterred in Jamestown Cemetery. I am awaiting a site conformation from the local cemetery, but the TVA provided this information. (Wolf Creek Reservoir, Disinterment and Reinterment, Wheat Cemetery #70, tract no. N-1432 grave 7 is Benjimen (recorders spelling of Benjamin) and grave 8 is Ruth.

(Source: Sanders, Carol Lee. The Cemeteries Under Lake Cumberland and Russell County, Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1858, 1874, 1878, 1903-04.  Sanders, C.L. 1985.  Page XV)


RESIDENCES: 1767 Bedford, Virginia (birth)

                                 1788 Greene Co., Tenn., (marriage)

                                 1794 Jefferson Co., Tenn.  (Sarah’s birth is listed in this place) (Source: 1850; Census Place: District 1, Clinton, Kentucky; Roll: M432_197; Page: 180B; Image: 175 line 21)

                                    Between 1802-1804 (births of William and David H.) move to Adair Co., Ky. This area becomes Russell County with its creation in 1825). Source: 1850; Census Place: District 2, Russell, Kentucky; Roll: M432_217; Page: 249B; Image: 627 line 30)

                                   1806 Adair Co., Ky. Thru 1825 when the land he owned became Russell County. (Source: Jillson, Willard Rouse. The Kentucky Land Grants. Vol. I-II. Louisville, KY, USA: Filson Club Publications, 1925.

South of the Green River Original Certificates and Plats:

  #11538 McFarland, Benjamin 116 acres Adair County 8 December 1808

#15330 McFarland, Benjamin 123 ½ acres Adair County 8 December 1808

#16422 McFarland, Benjamin 84 acres Russell County 30 December 1835

Kentucky Land Warrant and Survey (Jillson, Willard Rouse, The Kentucky Land Grants, all records 1782-1924) 1971 part 1

  #5803 McFarland, Benjamin 50 acres Adair County (McFarland’s Creek, a branch of the Cumberland River) 28 May 1819 granted 9 July 1820

# 12677 McFarland, Benjamin 50 acres Russell County (Cumberland River) 15 January 1827

Grants in County Court Orders, (Jillson, The Kentucky Grants, 1971 part2)

McFarland, Benjamin 27 ¾ acres surveyed 22 April 1854 Russell County –Greasy Creek

McFarland, Benjamin 9 acres surveyed 6 June 1853 Russell County Roaring Lily Creek

Tax Lists for 1826: 285 ½ acres in Russell County, Ky. Total Valuation $ 2, 684.50 Having 1 white male over 21 and total of six slaves. 1 horse value 225.00

Tax Lists for 1829:  235 ½ acres also listed are sons William, Madison and John. Total Valuation $2, 252.50. Benjamin owns 5 blacks, 6 horses. His sons own 7 horses.

Source for Tax lists: (Shepherd, Irma. Russell County Kentucky Tax List 1826. Lake Oswego, Oregon: Genealogy Heaven Publishing, Jan. 2001. pp. 14-15)

 (Shepherd, Irma. Russell County Kentucky Tax List 1829. Lake Oswego, Oregon: Genealogy Heaven Publishing, Jan. 2001. pp.22-23)

I have yet to find any affiliation-religious, civic or fraternal.

Submitted By:  Rosemary McFarland             Date: 21 July 2015

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Senator John McFarland III 1764-1820


ANCESTOR: Senator John McFarland III
DATE OF BIRTH: Feb 28, 1764 PLACE: prob. Bedford Co. Virginia
PARENTS’ NAMES: John and Mary Kinder McFarland
CHILDREN’S NAMES: John (1787-1874) m. Mary Fleming; Anna (1790-1869) m. Joseph Hughes; William Bell (1792-1855) m. Nancy E. Smith; James E. (1795-1871) m. Jane Jackson; Rebecca (1798-1859) m. John Deaver; Mary (1800-1857) m. Jacob McFarland; Arthur (1803-1850) m. Elizabeth McClure, Trypheney Cambelle; Sarah Hale (1806-1877) m. Carroll George; Joseph (1809-abt. 1865) m. Mary Eliza McFarland; Nancy Caroline (1812-1909) m. Alexander Carson Sloan
MARRIAGE TO: Rebecca Bell PLACE: tradition says July 20, 1786 in VA
DATE OF DEATH: July 20, 1820
BURIAL: unknown place in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, probably on family land
RESIDENCES (List all, including years):
1. Big Otter River area, Bedford Co. Va 1764-1772 (See father’s sheet)
2. Reed Creek area, Montgomery Co. (Wythe County today) 1772-1784 (See father’s sheet)
3. Tennessee, south of the French Broad R. near Sevierville today: 1785 to 1799. (See father’s sheet)
4. Buncombe/Haywood County, North Carolina: 1799-1815
Not only did John III inherit his father’s land purchases, he made many investments of his own. He purchased land in the “flowery garden” on the east side of the Pigeon River, land along Richland Creek near present-day Waynesville, land along Beaverdam Creek, however his patent #1715 indicates the acreage where he lived.
Haywood County, NC:
Deed Book A, p. 16, State of North Carolina #1715. 160 acres purchase by John McFarland, Sr. at cost of 50 shillings for every 100 acres. County of Buncombe, east fork of the Pigeon River, including both sides where said McFarling now lives. Beginning on north side of William Cathey's branch, with Elijah Deaver's line. Entered Ap. 5, 1808. Warrant was originally issued to Joseph Henry. Signed by George Cathey and John Patton.

1808 N.C. Patent 1715 to John McFarland cropped

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John McFarland, Sr. abt. 1706-1785




ANCESTOR: John McFarland (sometimes known as Scotland John)


DATE OF BIRTH:       abt. 1706-1708                   PLACE: northern Ireland


PARENTS’ NAMES: Robert and Jennet McFarland


CHILDREN’S NAMES: Robert (1730-1798) m. Martha unk., Nancy (1731-? m. Andrew Evans), James (1733-1755), Rachel (1737-?) m. John Hunter, John (1739-abt. 1803) m. to Mary Kinder, Arthur (1741-? Died as an infant), Mary (1743-?) m. James Hunter, Joseph (1745-abt. 1795?) m. a Gullion, Benjamin (1747-1823) m. Mary Blackburn


MARRIAGE TO: Mary Montgomery                 PLACE: abt. 1728 in Lancaster Co. PA assumed


DATE OF DEATH: aft. 1785 (He sold property in Bedford Co. VA and signed the deed in 1785. He and Benjamin moved to Greene Co. TN, and there is record of a very old John McFarland manning the arsenal in Knoxville in 1793 when Col. Robert McFarland organized a militia to fight the Indians.  So his death could be as late as aft. 1793)        PLACE: prob. Greene Co. or Jefferson Co.TN


BURIAL:                  unknown



1. Donegal township, Lancaster Co.        1720-abt. 1747 (see father Robert’s sheet)

2. McFarland land, Reed Creek area, present day Wythe Co. VA                  1747-1756

Although John McFarland had 5 land plats in this area surveyed between 1747 and 1752 (the first and largest was over 1000 acres in the Black Lick area of Reed Creek) the land he lived on seems to be the patent on Sally Run.  The image below shows several of the patents close to Wytheville. The Black Lick patent is to the east of this picture.


1749 Survey to John McFarland, 327 acres on Sally Run, a branch of Reed Creek. Patent issued as 327 acres in Augusta Co. Patent Book 32, p. 167 on June 20, 1753. He sold this land to John Finley in Nov. 1773 while he and Mary were living in Bedford Co. (Montgomery Co. Order Book 1, p. 142) This eventually became part of the Rose Hill property of F.B.Kegley whose place is marked and is still currently in Kegley family hands.

To go to this property: Take N. 4th st. (Hwy. 52) north from downtown Wytheville, cross Hwy. 81, continue on Hwy. 52 till you see Rose Hill Rd. just past Tremough Dr. Go north (right) on Rose Hill Rd. (also called 656). It takes a sharp left then a sharp right around the Kegley property. The street dead ends at Akers Rd (600). Going either way would be the McFarland property on Sally Run. 

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