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Twigs to Trees


Twigs to Trees

September, 2020

Mary Helen Haines



Hello everyone. It is such a shame we were not able to travel to Scotland this year. I hope the next year proves better and things will start going back to normal. For genealogy purposes, research can only be done on-line right now. We are fortunate that so many records are available on-line, but I really miss our Dallas Public Library genealogy section, where I could always turn for in-depth research. The library has been closed since March.

I have used this time period to explore further my Family Finder connections at FTDNA and Ancestry. Both sites have unique programs you can use to discover your connections, but for the test to be beneficial, you should upload a family tree to both sites and tie it to your test results.  Ancestry will show your matches, and if you have an extensive family tree matched to your results, their program will search the other persons’ trees to see if they can find a common ancestor and predict your relationship through “Thru Lines.”

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Twigs to Trees

June, 2020

Mary Helen Haines


Please extend a welcome to Peter E. McFarland, our newest addition to the Genealogy team. I have known Peter since the beginning of CMW when we were working on his lineage, extending his Wilson County, Tennessee roots back to North Carolina. Since that time his DNA cousins have grown by leaps and bounds. When you read the June issue of Loch Sloy! look for the articles posted by Susan Kromer Hunt, whose husband Bill is a part of Peter’s line, as is Billy Eason McFarland, one of our current Directors. Ryan McFarland, another Director, is one of his DNA cousins. Please read his introduction on our genealogy page at

It is hard to know where to start….I was so looking forward to gathering in San Antonio, and then in Scotland this summer; however, we are all staying safe at home. When I was thinking about this quarterly column and what to write; it came to me in the middle of the night…does that happen to you also? I started thinking about the MacGregors and the MacFarlanes; two rival clans, like the Capulets and Montagues, and the Hatfields and McCoys.

Although they were rivals, they also collaborated, and sometimes intermarried. One of the places CMW visited in our 2014 trip to Scotland was the final resting place for one such couple: Duncan MacFarlane and his wife Katherine MacGregor on the Isle of Inchcailloch in Loch Lomond.

If all goes well, CMW will be visiting this site again in 2021. For those on the 2014 CMW trip, this can be a trip down memory lane. For those who will be traveling at some time in the future, this can be a preview of just one of the great MacFarlane sites to visit.

At the southern end of Loch Lomond is the Balmaha boatyard, currently owned by MacFarlanes who are descended from Duncan and Katherine. It is just a short boat ride to Inchcailloch and then to Inchfad, where Duncan and Katherine made their home.

This area is all a part of Buchanan Parish in Stirlingshire, where their records can be found. Just across the Loch is the town of Luss in Dumbartonshire.

Duncan MacFarlane was born about 1735 in Stirlingshire, and married Katherine MacGregor in 1756. Duncan and Katherine are in our database here:


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Twigs to Trees

March, 2020

Mary Helen Haines

Good day everyone. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting in person some of our members on our CMW trip to Scotland in July. It is always fun to finally meet members that I have been communicating with for years.

It has been great to see all the participation in the FTDNA MacFarlane project. We are discovering more SNPs with the new generation of Big Y 700 tests coming in. With each new tester we are able to further define SNPs that belong to a particular individual back in time. As the tests get less expensive over time, I hope everyone interested in their family history will join our project of over 1200 members.


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