Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, Inc.

Helping To Connect You With Your Heritage

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Clan MacFarlane Worldwide is a global organization that endeavors to preserve and share the Clan MacFarlane history and culture. Our goal is to educate, share with, and to develop a kinship with each and every member, wherever they reside.

Membership in the organization is eligible to anyone bearing the surname MacFarlane in any of its various forms or spellings or of any of the family sept names of Clan MacFarlane, by birthright or descent from paternal or maternal lineage, by marriage, or adoption. For everyone else we still welcome you and encourage you to join as an "Associate" member.

By joining today you take Clan MacFarlane Worldwide one step further down the road to success. You also become part of an organization where you can contribute however you see fit. You will also have access to other members and the vast amount of information collected and contributed by the membership.

Benefits of Annual Membership Include:

  • Your name is added to the web membership roll, plus your name and the name of your spouse (depending on membership type) will be added to the membership and voting member rolls
  • Opportunity to connect with other CMW members and to have access to help from the CMW genealogists
  • With your permission your genealogy will be added to the CMW genealogy records
  • Subscription to our quarterly magazine, "Loch Sloy"
  • Immediate access to all areas of the "Members Only" section of the website. This includes the forums and genealogical resources.
  • The right to vote, hold office, serve as an official volunteer or appointee.

Please know that your membership is not automatically activated when you enter your information.  Once the Membership Chair receives an email from Clan MacFarlane Worldwide, the admin page will be opened and your membership will be activated.  Please do not join again until you hear from someone.  Thanks so much and welcome to CMW!


To become a member click here.